Build good relationships with customers by call center

enriching the customer experience and
providing feedback to clients

in mail order, only call center staff communicate directly with end users. our staff is practicing detailed responses at our call center located within goma trading. it is a group of professionals trained to build good relationships between clients and end users.

call center

we understand the characteristics of client products, guide end users according to the product, and convey the goodness of the product. our experienced staff are happy to respond to your individual situation. in addition, we exchange information regularly between our clients and call center staff who can speak japanese. we propose better product service provision based on the voice of end users by leading to flexible customer support.

service content

  • inquiries from end users
  • reception of orders and cancellations and cooperation with related departments
  • product explanation and continuous use promotion to customers who wish to cancel
  • support for continued use of refusal cases
  • monthly and weekly reports and reports (analysis of inquiry contents, etc.)
  • conduct questionnaires

Other Business

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